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Seo Algorithm Updates

Over a couple of week’s, people are a bit confused with the news of SEO algorithm updates. Yes, Google algorithms are been updated daily with minute differences. But, sometimes they tend to be major, which can suddenly drop your revenues. So, by not letting our visitors into more trouble in this track, we are here to share the latest SEO algorithm updates of 2019. Let’s reach out with the complete update in this article.


     SEO Algorithm: It is basically a unique set of a system through which the search engine identifies the importance of a webpage. Every search engine has a different set of rules and restrictions which checks the consistency and quality of the website. Google algorithms are a composite network which is used with a combination of algorithms and various ranking signals. This is eventually impacted on the search engine result pages of every website. Initially, Google used to update with the least range of count, but now its all different. Changes are been made in the count of hundreds every year, but the significant core algorithm updates are been done for minimum 3 times a year.

    How it Works: Generally, the updates are unnoticed as Google does not always officially announce the algorithm updates. They only release a piece of information which states the context on which their update is focused on. The major updates sometimes roll in the results of search engine pages. In this year itself, there are 3 major updates, out of 2 are confirmed. They are several updates, which we might not confirm until unless they are official. But one can see the difference in their search engine result pages. These updates are not just the game of one day or one week. It takes a lot of time to roll and reflect the updates on the search engines. Until unless the results are reflected on your web pages, the update game is onboard.

     Seo Algorithm 2019 Updates: When comes to the 2019 updates, there are three updates which have been clear to share and discuss.

  1. The very first update was reflected on the 18th of January, which is not yet confirmed by the officials, but the results are been proven in the search engines.
  2. The second update is referred to Valentine’s Day update, which was out on February 13th,2019.
  3. The third update is Core/Florida 2 Update which has been rolled out with the confirmation of Google’s official social media handle.


         The January update comes with the focus on news websites and blogs. According to Google, they are hacking the news content writers, so officially they have requested to maintain clear news and blog pages. There is nothing to fear for the creative and unique writers. The update comes with the requirement of fresh content and titles and all in one, the output you bring should be clear. We can only guide you to maintain a proper headline, bylines, and bio pages. The author accessibility should work on a web page to social media handles. Do not lose the security of the https and the content of your page. Make sure you avoid the copy content on all your news and blog pages.

           The Valentine’s Day update is the source with which Google is trying to get the best pages in order to solve the user queries. The entire focus is made on the relevance, but not on the quality of the page. We assume that currently, Google is focusing only on the relevant pages as so it is designed to collect the relevant search results which suit the user requirements. Till now it is not a confirmed official update, but the results regarding this are positive on the search engines. We would recommend verifying all the latest web pages of your site as all the updates are followed by the correction of the last 15 days. Although, everything you place should be relevant enough to attract the users.

       The Core/Florida 2 Update is one of the major algorithm updates of the year. This is the only update which is confirmed by Google through social media account. A tweet has been released for this major algorithm update. This update is important and one who is involved in this business, should get aware and act appropriately. According to our knowledge, the purpose of this algorithm is to get over the best search queries and web pages onboard.  In order to fulfill the user satisfaction, this algorithm helps to focus on exact user requirements. No need to get several things on the head. There is nothing to fix, you just need to focus on getting relevant pages.


            These are some of the major kind of updates, which we thought will be useful for your workflow. We would only recommend working with the flow. Analyze the changes on your webpage rankings and traffic. Make sure your every move is basically coping with the rules of algorithms and indeed relevant and useful for the users.